Support for Australian tech start-ups has expanded rapidly over the last two years. To take advantage of this growing support it is time for Australian tech entrepreneurs to step up and demonstrate to the ecosystem that they’re worth investing in and create a self-sustaining cycle of success and support. In this report we have conducted a secondary research around the start-up ecosystem of Victoria and undertake an analysis of the demand for business incubation programs. Our research has specifically explored the state of the start-up market (future appetite), created a comparative analysis of
the programs and services offered by Business Incubator programs in Melbourne along with an interactive map depicting the spread of startup ecosystem in Victoria. This report provides a few key insights in to Victoria’s start-up ecosystem.

What People Say

Information Pack for Melbourne Business Innovation

MBA Students 2019
Antriksh Bansal
Alvaro Javier Fuentes Cardenas

Economically speaking it was determined that start-ups reduced their need for funding from private investors and public grants. Instead they rely on close relatives and friends to obtain founds.

But more interesting is the appearance of a new player in the form of own cash that was not present in 2014 ranking high above (64.4%) other source of funding.

However, start-ups remain still being fragile after launch and surviving its first years may be a challenge.

Recommendations for future business incubation in Victoria’s North

1) Forming strategic alliances with universities, business owners to promote regional aspirations and new ventures

2) Specialising in particular area to gain competitive advantage

3) Designing special program to empower and support women entrepreneurship

Let’s pool our resources to incubate.

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